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Merry -belated - Christmas! 
30 Dec, 2013

It's Christmas time, and even though I'm not preparing for a mad rush this time, I still had the midn to whip up something special. I ended up making request material again, and some of those have already reached their new home by the time I'm writing this. A Snape figurine was one of those, and this Bunny-chan is just like that, too. I was trying to make him look as much like the Barnjaby in the show as possible, but stlying the hair without ruining its feel would be impossible. And the face - oooooh, these faces are killing me! I'm never satisfied with them, as I can only do simplistic expressions without special equipment... and I'm soo not getting those. Anyhow, I might try to tweak on this one before handing him over, wonder how that'll go.
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